New Forest residency

New forest residency Little Van Gogh
I was invited by the organisation LittleVanGogh for their residency project in 2018.
It was going to be a challenge to adjust to new working spaces and produce Artwork in such a short amount of time but I thought it would offer a good opportunity to explore the New forest area and really concentrate on an Art project without distractions.

My works draw inspiration from the digital culture of today and our sometime uncomfortable relationship with technology. I am interested in the ways we rely more and more on technology to record and survey our environment and how this over reliance is possibly misplaced. Through the numeric lens, spaces, object, people are analysed in the same manner, reduced to data sets that can be disassemble and reassembled at will.

Last year I worked on a project with the forest heritage department and I produced a series of digital art works inspired by the geology, the streams and the flora of the area to create rich multilayered images based from LIDAR captures (used to survey geology of the new forest and analyse what lays underneath vegetation) I explore the possibilities digital tools offer us to create alternative realities and virtual simulations that ultimately allow us to further our knowledge. How does the virtual world affect our real, physical experience? What consequences will the digitalisation of our experiences bring?

New forest Tondi artworks

I wanted to illustrate this fractured vision of Nature that we sometimes have… The tessellated technique I use on these works to echo the kaleidoscope view we have of the world often through the use of digital technology. Our perception becomes compressed and pixelated, often in constant motion, it seems incomplete yet it has a certain beauty too. I also arch back to painterly techniques used by the Vorticist and the Futurists… Similar use of dynamic strokes of colour can be found in my work….

In Parallel to this studio practice I produced a series of photos inspired by my walks in the new forest.

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