The Artist

All of my works are, in some way related to technology and our relation with it. As an artist, I wish to expand the notions of what is Art and participate in the very dynamic dialogue between digital technology, Science and the Arts.

I see Art as ever morphing, and constantly evolving. Today’s Art has a Virtual dimension and artists have to find new strategies. We are caught at the moment of transition from the analogue to the digital. New digital medias offer a parallel reality of infinite alternative.

My Artworks also arc back to the random events and the unpredictability of things. Random patterns are layered and repeated. These layers create complex networks that echo the complexity of Nature.

Mathematician David Ruelle talks about “strange attractor” to describe some of the shapes that emerge from certain diagrams. “These systems of curves, these clouds of points, suggest sometimes fireworks of galaxies, sometimes strange and disquieting vegetal proliferations. A realm lies here to explore and harmonies to discover.”

“Strange attractors” by David Ruelle, The Mathematical Intelligencer, 1980